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Fresh Cooked Meals

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Natural, delicious food that tastes like home

Meals made for people to feel inspired and excited about a meal, to feel good about what they are eating, and not worried about what they are feeding themselves or their family.


Our mission here at The Well Balanced Table is to provide you with a meal prepared with the best ingredients. A meal you can quickly warm up and serve your family.


Giving you back the family mealtime you've been missing.

Quality Ingredients

We Use The Best Ingredients When Preparing Our Meals

Balanced Meals

Ensures Better Nutrition

With Quality Ingredients

Order On the Go

Convenience At Your Fingertips Using Our Online Order Option

Doorstep Delivery

We Have Delivery and Pick-Up Options To Best Suit Your Needs



Seasonal ingredients make the difference

Our main goal is to always achieve a high level of customer satisfaction with the services and meals that we provide. 

Our Menus change every two weeks to give you a variety to choose from.

All ingredients are picked from the best growers and the proteins are the best quality so taste is perfected.

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nutrition coaching

Struggle with nutritional choices?
I'm here to help!

Nutrition Coaching for people to love who they are, love their bodies, and love their food. It's not about losing weight and looking perfect, it's about feeling nourished and loving and caring for yourself.

Sign up today and get on the path to better health with my  1:1 Nutrition Coaching sessions.

happy tummy reviews

Helen L - FTF Customer

Fresh to Fit has awesome food! I love that it is fresh and healthy. I can get the portion sizes I need. It is hard to cook for one person and Fresh to Fit (and Ahfton Rupe) sure make like easier for me.

Karissa S - FTF Customer

Fresh to Fit has been a lifesaver for our busy schedule! No more fast food on our busy nights. We are able to eat a home cooked meal with fresh ingredients. I can't recommend this enough! It's convenient and even my picky eaters love the meals!

The Well Balanced Table


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